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When working remotely, do you struggle to communicate with your clients and colleagues?
Do you make hurried handwritten notes and to-do lists?
Do you struggle to decipher your own thought-patterns hours later?
How can you possibly remember the context of every note you make?

In the business world, nothing is quite as frustrating as wasting time.
Unfortunately, the world spends tens of billions of dollars on unproductive meetings annually.
People battle to take sufficient notes, let alone demystify their meaning later on.

Meetings are supposed to be productive – and you need to be able to capture every moment.

How it works

Peerspeax enables you to capture your meetings, interviews, and brainstorming sessions.
Peerspeax transcribes your meetings automatically.
You can focus and participate in meetings knowing that it is all captured in a single place, and in the context of the conversation.


Runs entirely in your browser - no installation required

Record your meeting and bookmark important moments

Use the built-in screen sharing capablities

Send instant messages to other attendees

Easy onboarding - get started right away

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After your meeting

Your meetings are automatically transcribed to give you a head start on your post-meeting tasks.
Jump to bookmarked bits and create action items straight from the transcription.

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Jump to important sections by using the meeting's bookmarks.
View and use bookmarks of all participants.
Regain valuable details by using the built-in search engine.
Listen and review your whole meeting or just parts of it.

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Extract action items by selecting parts of the transcription.
Tailor them to your needs with the built-in editor.
Export the list to your favorite task management tool.
Alternatively, share them with other attendees.

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Get a searchable list of all your captured meetings.
Group and annotate them easily with tags.
Filter by key phrases, participants and time.
Share your captures and transcriptions effortlessly.

Easy onboarding

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